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Global warming is usually refers to when the temperature of the earth rises, or heats up. The cause of this is when water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, commonly known as green house gases, trap light and heat from the sun in the atmosphere of the earth. This then increases the temperature. Global warming is already happening, because the earth is already showing several changes in the climate, all over the world (Schneider, 2002). A greenhouse, is whereby the temperature increases due to the trapped heat and light from the sun in the atmosphere of the earth, but cannot escape, and as result, the temperature increases. During this effect, the plants would not be able to take up heat, causing the animals, humans included, would have less to eat and they would all die of hunger eventually (Archer, 2012).

Global Warming
Global warming is already affecting parts of the world. This is because, the excessive heat makes the sea to rise, causing the low lands to be covered by the water. The water covers the plants, which causes their death, and in turn, animals get nothing to eat and they also die in the process. Apart from dying, animals and people also lose their homes. This causes a break in the chain food, which would later lead to the death of every living being. The seas and oceans are not spared either by global warming (Maslin, 2006). One of the harmful effects is the depletion of algae, which is harmed and killed by the warm water. Algae makes food for other animals, in the water to consume. When they are few, this causes a shortage and these animals have to starve and die. Global warming also destroys large forests by causing frequent fires, since it makes everything hot. Pollution is also an aftermath of the global warming, in that, it is linked to acid rains. These rains slowly wipe out everything that it falls on (Archer, 2012). There are certain factors that cause global warming. One of them is the electrical pollution, in that, fossil fuels (from dead plants and animals)are burned, so as to create electricity. These pollutants pollute the air when the fossils are burned, and emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Other sources of energy also cause pollution like petroleum, which is widely used for energy in most areas.

When people cut down trees, they enhance global warming, this is because trees and plants collect carbon dioxide, a green house gas. With lesser trees, it makes it hard for people to breathe because of a lot of carbon dioxide in the air and less oxygen. Carbon dioxide collects the heat and light from the sun, and makes the earth to warm up. This therefore means that it is necessary to stop the effects of the green house (Cho, Martens, Kim & Rodrigue, 2011).
The light and heat from the sun comes from its core, which is of very high temperature. The heat from this core escapes into the next layer, which is cooler, but it slowly passes through the convection zone, then to the surface, and finally into space. Therefore, the more pollution in the air, the more destruction occurs to the atmosphere, causing the radiant energy to stay in the atmosphere of the earth (Weart, 2011).

There are certain measures being taken to stop global warming. This is by taking certain measures, like carpooling, which reduces the amount of green house gasses emitted into the air. Recycling and planting trees also help in reducing global warming. Like in the United States, there is a law called the Clean Air Act, which gives certain regulations on preventing global warming. This act regulates that there should be a certain amount of pollutants in the air, and it also has labels on the cans of the products, showing how harmful it is to the environment. If it goes beyond the point that it is in already, then the earth is facing a total wipe out in the near future.

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