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Click on the links below to view the dissertation contents

"Can PA Consulting Harness Human And Technological Assets To Make Knowledge-Sharing A Reality?"

"Knowledge Loss At The Intel Corporation"

"A study into the opportunities of implementing an e-HR system at British Energy"

"Management of Change In Information Systems Development"

"Electronic Booking Service (EBS) As Part Of A National Modernisation Programme Of The NHS"

"Investigation And Analysis Into Website Features That Maintain Consumer Trust For E-Shopping"

"Forensic Computing: Introduced And Defined"

"This Project Aims To Take You Through Extensive Detail About Developing Online Auction Systems"

"Online Consumer Behaviour: An Analysis Using The Technology Acceptance Model And Flow Model"

"Critically Evaluate Consumers' Perceptions Of Electronic Banking Fraud In The UK"

"Is Flexible Working Beneficial? An Investigation Into The Application Of Flexible Working Within Organisations"

"Exploring The Implementation Of CRM Systems Within Call Centres In The UK And Relating The Factors Which Affect The Well-Being Of The Employee"

"To What Extent Mobile Working Has Benefited IBM And Its Employees"

"How Successful Is Online Learning In Higher Education?"

"Limiting IT Project Failure By Integrating An IT Framework For Project Management And IT Service Delivery"

"Analysis Of Business Process Flows & Implementation Of Optimal Networking Architecture For CIMS (Enterprise Resource Planning)"

"Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping Solution For Job Task Management"

"A Server Based Content Adaptation Architecture Using Content Switching and Server Virtualization Technique"

"The Impact of the Information Age on Modern Day Society: How do the Internet and Online Gaming Influence Social Capital?"

"Do Poor Corporate Intranet Sites Have A Negative Effect On Staff Performance In A Large Call Centre Environment?"

"The Development Of Interactive Software Engineering Teaching Tools"

"An Investigation Into Cyber-Crime With Focus On Internet Piracy"

"IT Service Management: Best Practices For A Call Intensive Support Desk & Network Operations Center"

"Analysis into Data Management in E-Governance Systems"

"The Software Project Manager’s Conflict: To Allow, Or Not Allow, Change"

"Design, Develop and Implement - An E-Commerce Solution"

"The Jikes RVM Copy Eliminating Baseline Compiler Framework"

"A Mobile Application For Banking Processes"

"Monitoring Data On The Internet"

"Using GIS Maps for Planning of Services"

"Designing and Building a Content Management System"

"An Exploration into Knowledge Sharing (KS) in an IT Services Organisation"

"An Analysis Into Social Networking Websites"

"Analysis of Modern Day Social Networking Websites"

"An Investigation on the Evolution of Social Networking Websites"

"What Opportunities Has Broadband Technology Brought To Teleworkers?"

"An Investigation on How Privacy Issues on the Internet Impact Individual Lives"

"Method of Requirements Modelling and Elicitation For Business Applications"

"Development of a Model for e-Government IT Integration Management "

"Creativity and Effective Electronic Brainstorming"

"Organisational Decision Making Assessment and Improvement"

"Modeling Internet Penetration: A System Dynamics Approach"

The Development of a Customer Query Tracker for UK B2B

The Development of a Vehicle Registration System

An Analysis into E-Commerce and Network Security Concerns for SME Sized Organisations

Create an Application That Compares Two Databases and Provides Feedback to the User about the Differences in Structure and Content

A Study into the Threats of Email Phishing Attacks on Online Banking Security

Data Mining and Customer Relationship Management

Restaurant Management System

Interactive Social Network Visualisation

Social Networking Sites


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