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Post  studyaids on Sat Oct 17, 2009 9:42 am

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"The Labour Shortages In The UK Construction Industry And Its Implications"

"Project Management within UK & Indian Construction Industry"

"Establish The Extent In Which Main Contractors Are Trying To Avoid The Adjudication Process"

"An Analysis Into Modular Construction Of Purpose Built Flats - Is This A Valid Solution To Social Housing Within The UK"

"An Analysis Into The Shortage Of UK Construction Skills And Recruitment Alternatives"

"An Investigation Into Factors Effecting The Marketing Of City Centre Apartments"

"An Analysis Into The Impact Of HMO Legislation"

"An Investigation on How Effective Strategic Partnering is within the UK Construction Industry"

"Energy Efficiency Compliance with Building Regulations 2006, for a standard House Type From a Private House Builders Perspective"

"Barriers to Construction SMEs (Contractors) in Implementing Sustainable Construction"

"An Investigation about Collusion within the UK Construction Industry"

"An Assessment into the Development and Adoption of Safety Culture within the Construction Industry"

"A Comparative Analysis into the Application of Timber Frame and Masonry Construction"

"The Implementation and Adoption of Photovoltaics (PV) in the UK"

"Analyse and Evaluate the Future of Photovoltaic's on Domestic Buildings in the UK"

"An Analysis into the Government’s Recent Implementation of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) And Its Impact on the Rental Property Market"

"A Study into the use of Dispute Boards in the Construction Industry"

The Use of Modern Methods of Construction in Assisting to Resolve the UK Social Housing Deficit

Critical Success Factors for Construction Industry Mergers and Acquisitions

Energy Saving by using Solar Cooling in the Building

The Impact of the Recession on the UK Construction Industry Supply Chains

An Investigation into the Effect of Recent Economic Recession on the UK Construction Industry

The Role of Direct Property within Investment Funds

Is The UK Government’s Ambition to Build Three Million New Homes By 2020 Unrealistic and Unachievable?

Difficulties in Implementing Lean Construction in The UK

Has The Construction Design Management Regulations Made An Impact In UK Construction Industry Projects?

Does The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Provide Value For Money Within The UK Construction Industry For The Public Sector?

An Investigation into the Uptake of eProcurement Throughout the UK Construction Industry

A Qualitative Evaluation of the Influence Exerted by Client Sector the Use of Formal Risk Management Techniques and Procedures

The Relationship between Sustainability and Financial Performance of Commercial Real Estate

The Utilisation of Solar Thermal Energy in the UK

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