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ECA001 MBA Economic Management: Discuss How Companies Can Make The Most Of Opportunities Offered By Increasing Economic Integration
According to Wild J., (2003) regional economic integration is the process whereby countries in a geogaphic region cooperate with one another to reduce or eliminate barriers to the international flow of products, people, or capital. Similarly, Hill C., (2003) stated that by regional economic integration we mean agreements among countries in a geographic region to reduce, and ultimately remove, tariff and non-tariff barriers to the free flow of goods, services, and factors of production between each other.

ECA0002 Fujifilm - Kodak Duopolistic Competition in Japan and the United States
Pioneer in the world of photography, Kodak made the first camera, easy to use and accessible to nearly everyone. For a long time, the company dominated, its home market, of course, but also foreign markets like Japan. But in 1934, the Fuji Photo Company (Fujifilm) was created and a duopolistic competition began between the two companies in Japan and the USA. In 1995, Kodak complained against Japan, alledging that Fujifilm and Japans Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) conspired to exclude it from Japans distribution outlets. But, two and a half year later, the WTO ruled in favor of Fujifilm and MITI. The aim of this paper is to explain the competition between Fujifilm and Kodak with the product life cycle, game theory and the exchange of hostage hypothesis of international trade and investment

ECA0003 Oil Exports From OPEC & The Effect Of Quotas
Oil is like any other commodity in the sense that it follows the laws of supply and demand. However, given that oil is such an important input to worldwide economic activity and given is unequal distribution throughout the world, oil supply and demand is unevenly divided between countries, being more demanded by those with big and growing economies and whose reserves are concentrated in the Middle East. To further distort the supply side of the equation, there is OPEC. The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries is an association formed by most of the largest oil producing nations, in what to all practical effects amounts to a cartel. One of their strongest measures is to impose a production quota on all members, a mechanism which will be further explained later. The purpose of this paper is to prove whether the price of oil has risen due to the influence of OPEC in the amount of oil produced and the instability in the Middle East, among other factors.

ECA0004 Economic Principles: In Oligopoly Markets Price and Output Decisions are Indeterminate.” Explain and Discuss
An oligopoly is a market with only a few sellers, each offering a product similar or identical to the others. If the product is homogenous, there is a pure oligopoly. If the product is differentiated, there is a differentiated oligopoly. Since there are only a few sellers of a product, the actions of each seller affect the others. That is, the firms are usually mutually interdependent. The key point to make regarding markets price and output decisions are that there is no single theory of oligopoly (equivalent to that of perfect competition or monopoly) that exists because the behaviour of oligopolistic firms are determined by the strategic reaction and behaviour of their rivals and these reactions will differ according to the market situation. Therefore the markets price and output decisions are indeterminate.

ECA0005 Advanced Macroeconomics: Economic Growth - The Solow Model and Its Critics
When we want to study the behaviour of the economy in the long-run term, we can no longer focus on the fluctuations but on growth instead. After studying the evolution of the output per capita of some rich countries, economists have come out with three main unexplained facts: (1) Growth has been very strong during the last 50 years, (2) Growth has slowed down since the mid-1970’s and (3) Output per capita among those countries has converged over time. Although we cannot take the study of a few rich countries as significant, we can use it to find out the main focus of attention of the growth models that will derive: (1) A theory that explains growth must also be able to explain the lack of growth (either in other periods of time or in other countries), (2) Convergence among countries and (3) It is not so much the lower growth that needs to be explained but the periods of fast growth experienced by some countries.

ECA0006 Analysis into Oil Pricing
The volatility of the oil price has led to changes in the structure of the oil sector, encompassing both the oil companies and their various contractors. In particular there has been consolidation both horizontally and vertically in the traditional contracting supply chain. In recent years the continued pressures on costs has encouraged sharing of responsibilities between the oil companies and their various contractors in particular there has been consolidation both horizontal and vertically in traditional contracting supply chain. Crude oil behaves much as any other commodity with wide price swings in times of shortage or oversupply. The crude oil price cycle may extend over several years responding to changes in demand as well as OPEC and non-OPEC supply [3,000 words]

ECA0007 Illustrate What Is Meant By General Equilibrium In The IS-LM Model. Show How The Model Can Be Amended To Reflect The Current Conduct Of Monetary Policy In Setting The Short-Term Interest Rate
This assignment will explain how fiscal and monetary policy interact to influence interest rate and aggregate demand. Also I am going to look at the IS-LM model which determines real GDP and the real interest rate. Currently it is the interest rate that is the instrument of monetary control chosen to achieve a 2% CPI inflation target two years ahead. We can modify the IS-LM model in a somewhat inadequate way to show how setting interest rates will work by effectively determining real GDP, and through the short-run Phillips curve.

ECA0008 Analysis Into The Italian Economy
The Italian economy has changed dramatically since the end of World War II. From an agriculturally based economy, it has developed into an industrial state ranked as the world’s sixth largest market economy. The formation of the European Union has focussed considerable attention on this region of the world economy. Experts and practitioners alike have been interested in examining whether the EU has really benefited the states within it and if so to what extent. This short term paper examines the relative economic performance of a major economy within the EU, Italy, in order to understand how it performed within the last 5 years.

ECA0009 MSc: Explain How To Calculate The Degree Of Misalignment Of The Real Exchange Rate And To Assess The Implications Of Such Misalignment For Economic Performance In Developing Countries
The integration of the world economy in the past decade or so has generated important changes in the way economic policy is conducted in both industrial and developing countries. In implementing macroeconomic policy countries can no longer ignore the external sector. There is, in fact, a growing recognition that the real exchange rate is one of the most important macroeconomic variables. Its evolution greatly affects both the payments position and the international competitiveness of a country. Moreover, when the real exchange rate deviates from its long-run, sustainable equilibrium level-that is, where there is a real exchange rate misalignment-severe macroeconomic disequilibriums usually result

ECA0010 Fixed Exchange Rate Regimes and Monetary Independence: A Single Country Approach
This MSc Economics paper follows the theoretical approach of Shambaugh (2004) and attempts to investigate the theory of the impossible trinity. According to Mundell and Krugman a country can choose between two of three monetary policy options: a fixed exchange rate, capital mobility and monetary independence. Unlike the majority of studies in the literature a single country approach is employed to test this hypothesis. In particular, the paper focuses on the small open economy of Barbados. The country has maintained a fixed exchange rate regime since 1975 and is therefore perfect for testing the hypothesis under the assumption of a credibly pegged exchange rate regime.

ECA0011 Theory of Absolute Cost Advantage
Mercantilism stretched over nearly three centuries, ending in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. It was the period when the nation-states were consolidating in Europe. For the purpose of consolidation, they required gold that could best be accumulated through trade surplus. In order to achieved trade surplus, their governments monopolized trade activities, provided subsidies and other incentives for export, and restricted imports. Since most European countries were colonial powers, they imported low cost raw material from their colonies and exported high cost manufactured goods to the colonies. They also prevented colonies from producing manufacturing. All this was done in order to generate export augmentation and import restriction lay at the root of the mercantilist theory of international trade.

ECA0012 The Theoretical Case for and Against its Use in Cost Benefit Analysis
This paper examines the validity of the use of existence value in cost-benefit analysis, blending together tools of economic theory and meta-ethical value analysis. The technical issues of definition and the theoretical justification for using the contingent valuation method are discussed. This is followed by a consideration of what existence value is trying to categorize, and whether the ‘welfarist’ approach embedded in neoclassical welfare analysis is an appropriate framework for understanding such values. Finally, arguments for and against the use of existence value in cont-benefit analysis are assessed, concluding in a ‘third way’ that accepts it as a valid category of values to be considered in the project evaluation process, but asserts that the total valuation framework is not an appropriate method for assessing existence value for both economic and meta-ethical reasons.

ECA0013 The Economic Concept of Elasticity of Demand
This essay seeks to demonstrate the understanding of the economic concept of elasticity of demand. I intend to examine two fundamental concepts, supply and demand and in doing so this essay will look at defining and discussing income and cross price elasticity, consider the significant changes of elasticity overtime by using numerical examples and graphs, and finally apply this theory to the construction industry. First and foremost, the theory of supply and demand is one of the essential theories of economics. Supply is the amount of product that a producer is willing and able to pay at a particular price, whereas demand is the amount of product that a buyer is willing and able to buy at a specific price. The model for supply and demand shows the relationship between a product’s accessibility and the interest shown in it.

ECA0014 Business Economics: Factors Influencing Prices in the Global Oil Market
This assignment is all about the factors that can influence prices in the global oil market. Especially, how other factors can cause increase or decrease in the oil price. I will begin with the crisis in 1970s and if we ever see again something like that in the future. Secondly, I will write about the world oil producers and how all the oil mechanism works and finally I will finish with the factors influencing the prices giving examples from the past. The 1973 oil crisis began on October 17, 1973, when the members of Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC, consisting of the Arab members of OPEC plus Egypt and Syria) announced, as a result of the ongoing Yom Kippur War, that they would no longer ship oil to nations that had supported Israel in its conflict with Syria and Egypt (the United States, its allies in Western Europe, and Japan)

ECA0015 The Pros and Cons of Economic Expansion in Mainland China
In recent years, the economic expansion has increased a lot in Mainland China. It’s no doubt that the economic expansion brought many advantages to Mainland China, however, there also some disadvantages. This essay shows both of the pros and cons of economic expansion in Mainland China, for example, the increase of GDP and the environment problems. There will also talk about the effect of economic expansion on industries and give a specific industry as an example. First of all, I will give some background about this topic. The economic expansion is a kind of economic activity, it describe the level of economic activity of the goods and services available in the market place. Economic growth is a measurement of national income and national income can be measured by income, output and expenditure of an economy. If there is a high rate of economic growth, it means that the income, output and expenditure are increasing.

ECA0016 Macroeconomic Environment: Is the World heading into a World recession?
The main objective of this essay is to discuss a question: “Is the world heading into a world recession?” In order to do so we will look at economic trends in the largest world economies and also in the emerging markets. We will look in more detail at the subprime mortgage crisis in the USA, credit crunch (financial sector), interest rates movements, unemployment, and growth rates. Furthermore we will discuss decoupling argument. In order to answer and analyse our main question we will refer to the economic theory. I think firstly we need to object that all talks about world recession started after multiple debates about USA recession. What really our main question sound is: If USA will go to recession, what impact it will have on the world economy?

ECA0017 Business Operations in Emerging Economies
The past 50 years has witnessed the development of China’s investment and cooperation with Africa. When China established diplomatic relations with Egypt in 1956, the trade between China and the entire Africa continent was merely 12 million US dollars. Until 1980, although following the Opening- up policy, the volume of trade was still no more than 1.13 billion US dollars. However as the China’s economy fast developed in the recent 10 years and the economic and trade conditions improved in African countries, the relations and cooperation between the two have surged to a new peak. Since 2001, the value of the bilateral trade has increased at the annual rate of 40%. And in 2005, the figure reached 39.74 billion US dollars, with China’ export of 18.68 billion and import of 21.06 billion respectively, twice as much as that in 2003. And in 2006, it soared to 55.5 billion, in which export form China was 26.7 billion and import was 28.8 billion. China has established investment projects in 49 African countries and has overtaken UK and emerged the third largest trade partner with Africa after the US and France.

ECA0018 To What Extent Has Britain Suffered From An Overvalued Exchange Rate Over The Last Two Decades?
During the course of my investigation I will be doing a research on whether Britain has suffered from an overvalued exchange rate of pound sterling over the last twenty years. Firstly, I will be looking at the determinants of exchange rate in order to find out the factors affecting the exchange rate of a currency such as pound sterling against another. In this way, I will be able to figure out if UK’s currency, pound sterling, is overvalued or not. Secondly, the history of both British exchange rate and economy will be analysed and looked at to see whether Britain has actually suffered from the overvalued exchange rate for the last two decades. I am planning to begin this coursework by defining exchange rate and explaining its effect on the economy. This includes the impact of the exchange rate on balance of payment, interest rate and economic growth, as well as other economic variables and vice versa. Moreover, the reasons for the fluctuations on the pound exchange rate against other currency will be verified and discussed as an example to see the connection between economic variables and exchange rate. In addition, it will be vital to clarify on the basis of what we consider a currency to be overvalued. For example, a tourist might think British pound is overvalued whereas people from Britain might think foreign currencies are undervalued, therefore it is important to understand how we define overvalued exchange rate

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List of Economics Essay Empty I need help in economics essay?

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I have to write an economics paper on anything related to economics like for example gas prices or anything like that. But I haven't figured out on what topic I want to write about please help me what should I write .Thank You.


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List of Economics Essay Empty I need help in economics essay?

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I have to write an economics paper on anything related to economics like for example gas prices or anything like that. But I haven't figured out on what topic I want to write about please help me what should I write .Thank You.


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