Part 10 - And Finally...

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Part 10 - And Finally... Empty Part 10 - And Finally...

Post  studyaids on Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:16 pm

Remember that your essay is essentially a response to a suggested idea. Different academic disciplines will, of course, require different content but no matter what you are writing about your argument should be clear, coherent, well-referenced and appropriately structured. You need to follow any instructions carefully, especially those relating to style and word count.

Bear in mind that although you are answering a question, you are also writing to engage your reader’s interest so try to combine thorough, factual research with an engaging, interesting style; it is your aim to compile an essay that will both inform and entertain. Think of the engagement of your reader’s interest as a challenge which your essay will meet; remember, your essay will be one of many to be read by your tutor/teacher/examiner and making your work stand out as impressive is quite an obstacle to overcome!

The ability to write a good essay is a skill that is difficult to acquire but not impossible and, once acquired, can even be enjoyable: ‘good luck’!

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